Martial Arts Training Equipment

What is the piece of training equipment that martial arts use? More than anything else, your martial arts training goal determines the type of equipment you need. Are you a parent who signed up your little boy in a Tae Kwon Do class? Or, are you a teen who dreams of being the world heavyweight… Continue reading Martial Arts Training Equipment

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Martial Arts Training

It is true that martial arts mean arts of war, however, combat is only part of the war. If you focus on the combat techniques that are part of martial arts from Aikido to Wing Chun, you may not only lose the battle but also the war. One of the stories in the Bible is… Continue reading Martial Arts Training

Flexibility Training

To perform Tae Kwon Do high kicks and ballet moves are not the only reasons to improve flexibility. And benefits of flexibility are not limited to martial arts and dance. The confusion in the definition of flexibility explains why many flexibility training programs remain ineffective or inappropriate. This confusion prevents most from giving flexibility stretches the priority… Continue reading Flexibility Training

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Martial Arts Power Training

Those who feel that mass hinders speed are losing out on a great deal, especially if they ignore strength training altogether. When it comes to mass and speed, the biggest cause of confusion stems from the misinterpretation of the terms power and strength. From a physics standpoint, martial arts center around the concept of power.… Continue reading Martial Arts Power Training

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Speed Training

What does speed training mean without a frame of reference? Imagine a bullet train that goes 200 miles per hour and an ant that goes 0.03 miles an hour. Obviously, the bullet train is faster, right? Not necessarily. Take the train off the track, and it will derail and cannot move at all. The snail… Continue reading Speed Training

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