Martial Arts Training Equipment

What is the piece of training equipment that martial arts use?

More than anything else, your martial arts training goal determines the type of equipment you need.

Are you a parent who signed up your little boy in a Tae Kwon Do class?

Or, are you a teen who dreams of being the world heavyweight kickboxing champion?

Maybe you are an MMA fighter who wants to improve her punching power?

Your skill level and goal determine the equipment you need for martial arts.

This article will cover some of the tools that might help you.

Body Opponent Bags

In kickboxing, BOB (Body Opponent Bags) is a common target that looks like a real person on which to work on technique.

Double End Bags

Punching speed, hand-eye coordination, timing, etc. can all be improved with double-end bags.

Foam Bo Staffs

The Bo is a long martial arts staff with ancestry in feudal Japan. The length of most Bo’s is typically 5’9,” and they are made of hardwood. Techniques like thrusting, striking, swinging, and entanglement are all used in the Bo. 

Focus Mitts

Focus mitts provide a movable target that simulates a living opponent.

Grappling & Wrestling Dummies

Using grappling dummies allows martial artists to practice grappling techniques without a live partner.

Hand Wraps

Hand Wraps are a piece of cloth used by boxers and other combat sports participants to protect their hands and wrists from punching injuries.

Heavy Bags

Boxers prefer to train on the heavy hanging bag because it allows them to perform a wider variety of punches, kicks, knees, and other boxing movements.

Kicking Paddles

Kicking paddles are padded training aids that are generally used as a target for the kicks of a martial artist.

Kicking Shields

Kicking shields are heavily padded training aids primarily used to provide a target for a martial artist’s kicks.


The makiwara is a traditional Karate style martial arts equipment made of wood that is used to practice punches and strikes.


Martial arts floor mats aid reduces the impact of ground reaction force during the practice and fall. The fall could happen while sparing or high kick practice. 

Muay Thai Belly Pads

A sparring partner wears Muay Thai belly pads to protect and serve as a punching target. It is frequently paired with Muay Thai pads (that are worn on the forearm of the sparring partner).

Muay Thai Pads

Muay Thai pads (alternatively referred to as Thai pads) are used to deflect kicks and blows during sparring practice.

Muay Thai Punching & Kicking Bags

Martial artists use these extra-long heavy bags to practice punches and kicks.

Punching Bag Gloves

Gloves for punching bags are used to protect the hands, knuckles, and fingers while punching heavy bags, speed bags, and Wavemaster.

Rebreakable Boards

Plastic rebreakable boards are great for practicing breaking techniques because they are reusable (unlike wooden boards).

Reflex Bags

A reflex bag is made out of a punching bag, a pole suspended from a flexible spring, and a substantial base. This is a free-standing piece of fitness equipment that may be used at home or at a gym. Please check the main Martial Arts Training Equipment section for information on other training equipment (i.e. striking wooden dummy).

Reflex Punching Balls

Numerous boxers, MMA fighters, and other martial artists use the Reflex Ball to increase their hand and elbow speed and precision and their coordination, eye, agility, and stamina.

Sparring Gear

Sparring gear is martial arts equipment designed to protect different body parts during training. They include

  • Head Gear.
  • Chest Protectors.
  • Punches and Gloves.
  • Shin – Knee – Instep guard.
  • Forearm and Elbow Protector.
  • Kicks and Foot Protector.
  • Groin Protectors

Speed Bags

Speed bags are small; air-filled bags are suspended parallel to the ground from a rebound platform. Speed bags assist a boxer in developing arm strength in preparation for increased punching power and in maintaining his hands up over a lengthy battle. Double-end bags are often small, inflated bags made of vinyl or leather.


Wavemaster striking dummies are free-standing stationary heavy-duty striking targets. 

Wing Chun Wooden Dummies

The Wing Chun dummy is a wooden dummy used in Chinese martial arts to practice offensive and defensive abilities. It is utilized in various kung fu forms that originated in southern China.


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